Monday, July 15, 2019

Motor Running...

Fair warning:
This week was all over the map (like this blog is going to be).

I got my motor running...

and went a little wild.

Maybe I was looking for adventure.

All kinds of things came my way.

In the end, there was no use crying over spilled milk (I made things happen)

and I was reminded that sometimes we just really need others. (I can climb up.)

Right now I'm just going to enjoy today and take the world in a love embrace.

(Somewhere in there, I may have taken a left turn.)

Have a great week everyone! LOL
I'm going to try to stay on track. XO!


Monday, July 8, 2019

These Are the Days

Well, Russ came home for a few days and it was like a traditional family summer for a bit...

Zachary took the cake.


Let's just all keep on having a great summer!


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Vacation Blog?

Here's the thing...

I remembered the blog this Tuesday morning and there was nothing I could do about it. Russ was going to post FOR me, but then he could not either.

You KNOW things must be REALLY hectic and crazy around here when neither one of us can manage to make it to a computer to get the blog done.


Can we just call this a vacation week? (If you can call over 1700 miles of driving a vacation - and RUSS... who knows how many miles he's traveled by air this week)

Alright. I have to sleep now. I've got 400 miles to go tomorrow.

Love you all! Have a beautiful and safe Fourth of July!


Monday, June 24, 2019


IDK what to tell you except that the gig was "BIG FUN to be had by everyone"

and the reason was - it felt like one big family

and that's nice.

OK. Sorry so short, but I have to fall down and sleep before tomorrow hits me like a ton of bricks. (Is that the right phrase? I really can't think straight right now. #Exhausted and no end in sight.)



Monday, June 17, 2019

The Root of It

Was there crazy? YES, THERE WAS CRAZY!

Russ came home for a few days, there was another disco gig, the dog had diarrhea, Zachary is STILL a toddler... but in the midst of everything, my favorite moments were in the garden, pulling weeds. There was the calm, the Zen, those therapeutic and inspirational moments when I reflected on life and all of its challenges. I remembered that sometimes when we are problem solving we work on the surface of the symptom and often we have to dig deeper to get to the heart of the matter - the root of it. Life is like a garden... blah blah blah.

Then one pesky mosquito bite got especially annoying. I thought it was starting to look like that tell-tale bullseye which typically indicates a tick bite/Lyme Disease. I went to Urgent Care. The doctor said it was not a tick bite, but an allergic reaction - maybe Poison Ivy. (Darn it! The neighbors were right! There IS Poison Ivy here!)

Sigh... We decided to test for Lyme anyway, just in case. After two tries, two trips to a different lab, and then two more tries back at Urgent Care, they were finally able to draw blood. It took all day which is why this blog is so late and also so funny. The root of the problem - is the actual root!!! I have GOT to spray down that section of "garden." The spray I bought at the nursery is supposed to get to the root of the plant. SMH.

Meanwhile, the gig was great fun and the moon was beautiful last night! xoxo


Monday, June 10, 2019

Disco Zen

Aaaaahhhh yes...

First there was disco.

Thanks to the talent, kindness, and dedication of this cast of vocalists and musicians (11 piece band), I had a great time at the disco gig! Much gratitude to all of them, and to the many babysitters who helped me get through my first show with this amazing team.

After trying to memorize a half million disco songs and their associated choreography, and making the decision to start the gig wearing these boots, I was glad for a local reflexology spa and for some Zen time in the garden.

This week? More boogie, more Zen.


Monday, June 3, 2019

You're a Hero

Check your engine.

Somewhere in there - is a hero.

Let's shine it up and get to work.

Grateful for the reminder this week, that each and every one of us is capable of tremendous Love. Anything is possible with that. Any challenge can be met. Any obstacle can be overcome. Any situation can be changed for the better. We are capable of amazing things. What a wonderful world this can be, when we remember that. When we look at others and ourselves, remembering our divine nature... we can heal the world.